Monday, December 14, 2009

Fantasy, anyone?

I love a good fantasy, don't you? When life is difficult, I've often escaped for a while into a book.

Cait London posted a great blog December 3, discussing, among other things, "finding" time to write. I really enjoyed her blog, as I always do. But even better (for me) in the comments section Cait said this:

"Writing can also be a handy, brief, safe mental spot when life is churning really badly around you and you need a break. Somewhere to go when times are just too tough."

I am really, really not good at this. It's much easier to lose myself in the pages of a novel written by someone else.

So. Writing through Adversity--yet another thing I need to work on. I am such a project.



  1. Thanks, Mags. You always have good links. May God bless you today and in this Advent season.

  2. Jennifer, your friendship means so much to me. Thank you for stopping by this morning!