Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nice to know the industry is still out there

Last night I actually spent a little time with my Google Feed Reader. Marked a lot of things "read" that I didn't have time to read, chose the option to hide the total of items unread so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed by how far behind I've gotten...
Then I started going through Publishers Weekly posts, and discovered that iPad had been introduced--and I had managed to hear about it on the same day. It looks interesting. Here is a link to the Publishers Weekly article, which is nice and short. There are a gazillion places to read more about it.

It might be a nice option for people, though right now it's really pricey. I like that it isn't "just" an ebook reading device. But once again I'm reminded how happy I am with iPAQ, which fits in my purse (or even my back pocket), and does lots of things (similar to iPad, it seems). In the last couple of months, I've pulled it out and read when there was time in hospital waiting rooms, doctor offices, etc. I keep medical notes in my laptop and sync to the iPAQ so I can refer to them away from home.

Anyway, no real point here except I'm interested to see a new device introduced that can do several things. I imagine that's the way ebooks will be read in the future.



  1. I just bogged today about the iPad too! It's a cool gadget, but my conclusion was that I wouldn't want to use it for writing, and I wouldn't buy it just as an e-reader. I'm happy with the e-reader I have (Kindle). But isn't it cool that there are so many e-readers or devices that you can read e-books on? Sign of the times, I say!

  2. Everybody is talking about it. The technology is such that input is likely going to be gesture-based. Can you imagine??

  3. Hi, Amy and Jennifer! I guess next time I poke my head out for a whiff of news, I should read about it in more depth.

    I know my iPAQ is getting some age on her, but there's another thing she and I have in common. :)

  4. Hi Mags! Honestly? Everyone's been waiting breathlessly for this new Apple gadget that was supposed to set the industry back on its heels. Now that they've unveiled it, I'm not that impressed. I guess the touchscreen was supposed to wow everyone into buying, but where's the functionality for people who actually work on a computer?

    In any case, it's good to see you peek your head out. :o)

  5. Maybe I'll meet an iPad in person some day. I know I like my cell phone's touch screen. But back when I used Dana, I got confused going from its touch screen back to a keyboard. Yes, I ended up with an occasional finger smear on the laptop's screen. Embarrassing. ;)