Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happily ever after?

If you read my January 18 post, you may have been wondering how we are doing. The answer is, in spite of everything, we are doing okay. We are determined to do okay.

These days I run into people all the time who have lost a loved one to this brain cancer. It takes the person away from you bit by bit, and you suffer a little differently as he loses each part of his personality or his functionality. Alzheimer's took my mother bit by bit over a period of ten years or so. Glioblastoma is likely to complete its work here in months.

At this point I am still able to care for my husband at home. There are lots of friends willing to come and help, day or night, at a moment's notice. My cell phone contacts have probably doubled in the last few weeks, because of so many offers of help.

Every day we get a card, or an email, or a call, or a visit, from people who care. Friends have shoveled our walks, picked up our groceries, invited us out to dinner. Dozens of people have taken my husband to his radiation treatments, over thirty miles from here. Six weeks of treatments, and except for me, he will likely have a different driver each time.

The community is pulling together and pulling us through this. It's not the happily ever after I would have chosen, but it's the one we have. Somehow, it will be okay.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow will out

I can't help but smile today, because we have a beautiful snow covering our part of the world. I love snow. It's cold, inconvenient, and really heavy to move--especially when you can't find the snow shovel and are moving it with a scoop shovel--but I love it!

Somehow, for me, snow transcends all that stuff. Even though my husband isn't having a particularly good day today, and yesterday sure wasn't much fun for either of us. Even though The Progeny couldn't make it home for a much-anticipated visit, due to the weather between home and school. Even though it's more work with the shoveling and cleaning up after Spot when he's been out, and mopping up after whoever comes through the front door today, it's all worth it.

Just because it's beautiful, I guess. It makes me happy.