Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We seem to be resting on a plateau.

My husband's condition had worsened more or less steadily, radiation and chemotherapy notwithstanding, since his diagnosis December 22. But for the past three days he has been a bit more himself. I feel as if we are resting on a plateau after being on a three-month downward slide.

I don't know whether this plateau is wide or narrow, whether it has a steep drop-off or a gentle slope beneath it. Just very, very grateful that it is here for us. We have had more semblance of quality time, as he has been in my reality more often than in the one the brain tumor is creating.

Spring arrived a few days ago--the same day we were "gifted" with a ramp that makes it possible for me to take him out for a wheelchair walk whenever we want to go. We have a routine for all our daily tasks; it even allows me some time to write while he naps--at least on the days I don't have loads of paperwork to slog through.

Life is good here on the plateau. The respite is so refreshing.



  1. I hope this plateau is long and level, spread with green grass and lots of flowers. And a wheelchair ramp to get out and enjoy it.

  2. Magdalena,

    I'm so glad you've hit a plateau. It's a great place to be. It gives a much need place to take stock and just share time together. In situations like this, you grab each golden moment.

    May there be many more golden moments on the plateau.

  3. Hope the plateau is continuing. Life is so precious, isn't it?

  4. I hope your plateau is still going, and that you are able to enjoy more quality time with your husband. Blessings on you all.