Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So many pretty flowers

Yes, I know it's a dandelion, but isn't it amazing? There are lots of these in our yard right now. They looked so pretty when they were yellow, too--before changing into this beautiful yet ominous seed-delivery unit. On the way to a much-dreaded appointment Monday, I was enthralled by a field of wild mustard. I know it's a weed, but that big field of yellow was gorgeous anyway.

Our other "pretty flowers" include the fact that my husband is now strong enough to use a walker part of the time and is no longer stuck in the wheelchair. He can walk without help for brief spans, but a walker gives him needed stability. This is the man who, last fall, was mowing our yard, and a couple of the neighbors' yards, too, if they got busy and didn't have time. This is the man who tilled and tended a huge garden every year, who could out-work many guys half his age. Because he was just plain strong. And determined.

Now he has a small collection of vegetable and flower plants for a miniature garden in our back yard. It will be good for him to get out and dig in the dirt. I didn't realize he would regain this much strength, didn't realize he might have another season as a gardener. I'm so glad to have been wrong.

Yesterday I gave a talk about my writing career. I had notes but didn't refer to them; just stood there and talked, then answered questions. I mentioned my husband, and the fact that the career has been pretty much dormant for a few months. One of the ladies asked about him, and through some tears, I told her the story. Told her, too, that I recently laid down a book by one of my favorite authors because a character is suffering with Glioblastoma Multliforme, the same thing my husband has. That particular book will likely stay on my virtual shelf for a while. Just not ready for it now.

Edits for Home Sweet Legend were light, and I am so grateful to my new editor, Wendy, for her kind words. It's good to be doing some writing stuff, intermittent as it is. Good to be tending my miniature garden of words part-time. Thank you for visiting it.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At long last

Omigosh, how long has it been since I sent a manuscript in for first-round edits? A million years, maybe?

As of just a few minutes ago, Home Sweet Legend is on its way to my editor at Resplendence Publishing. Sure hope she likes it!

We're still resting on a plateau here; my husband is physically stronger, and the beautiful spring weather has helped both of us.