Thursday, May 13, 2010

Items in, items out

We continue to enjoy a plateau of "okay-ness" here. My husband's strength is increasing, he is able to get out daily because of nice weather, and so many lovely memories have been made, thanks to friends and family.

Happy memories in.

Also in is my new cover. Home Sweet Legend is the story of Greg Andrews and Chloe McClain, who were both supporting characters in Where Her Heart Is. I love the cover's rich texture, the fact that Chloe's art is represented there with the paint brush and the interesting light on the models, and particularly because it makes me feel the passion that exists between these two characters from page one. The story is sweet in that there is no love scene, but there is lots of tension and innuendo. What I have put them through--shame on me! But it will all be worth it. :) Publication date to be announced... You'll hear me shouting about it later.

Going out is stuff. I've been purging stuff, little by little, the last few months. Today the floor-length crinoline (yes, seriously, I have one of these) is going into one of the bags for Goodwill. I think I only wore it once, for our local pioneer festival. It's amazing what one can accumulate without even trying.

The less stuff I have, the lighter I feel, and the more capacity I seem to have for enjoying life. What a great trade-off.


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