Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In my mind

On a recent shopping trip, my friend told me I should not be looking at short skirts. As a woman of a certain age, I am beyond that. Wearing a short skirt would make it seem as if I were trying to look twenty-five.Well, I'm not trying to look twenty-five. But I feel good, and I thought if I liked the skirt it would be okay...

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm twice twenty-five and change. But I don't creak, at least not very often...

And then the picture CD from our family reunion arrived. OUCH. Not only am I not twenty-five, I look four times that, at least. I have chicken neck and am making weird faces, and NOT SMILING. What's up with that? I am a person who smiles a lot. Or at least I used to be.

So today I started Smile Therapy. It will make me feel better, and the wrinkles it causes will be at the corners of my mouth instead of between my brows.

I am smiling as I type this. See my smile?  :)

I think it would look good with a miniskirt...or maybe not...


Saturday, July 17, 2010

No more assumptions

Just a quick word today on an entirely different topic--the reinvention of me.

Remember back in 2008 when I said I was reinventing myself? And then my husband got sick and the reinvention process got really serious?

Here is something I have learned. I am not always wrong. Believe it or not, this was a huge surprise. The context of this realization is that we have received several billing statements this year that were in error. Many, but not all, are medically related. We are talking thousands of dollars that we did not owe, but for which we were being incorrectly billed. When this happens I sigh heavily and go into The Mode. Make calls, follow-up calls, send emails, follow-up emails, and produce records. Most of the time people are very pleasant on the phone, yet a correction almost always requires at least one follow-up call. The process often takes weeks.

I am not writing this as a rant. It is an epiphany to me that I need to watch everything so very closely. Who has time to second-guess every single bill that arrives in email or snail-mail? Just guessing this isn't just happening at our house; likely everyone needs to make the time. In this case, time is definitely money.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celebrating the completed first draft!

Whee! Breaking out all manner of bubbly to celebrate the fact that I finally completed the first draft of my Christmas novella.

I am mortified to be so horribly behind on my deadline, and I am also extremely grateful to Resplendence Publishing and my editor, who have been wonderfully patient with me. This is, of course, the worst time of my life, and I struggled like crazy to try to get my head into the story. I did not want to renege on the contract, but was still afraid I could never finish the novella.

Thank you for being with me through this past week for the word count challenge. Your encouragement, and the fact that my daily count was hanging out in the air for the whole world to see, are what got Jeannie Adams and Eli McClain to The End.

As I said, it's the first draft. This afternoon I start back through it, and likely will do at least one more pass before sending it in. But what a huge, huge thrill to have gotten to this point. Thank you all for caring and for helping! I hope that, like my daily walks, the daily word count has now become a habit I can maintain most of the time.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Day Six

I took Sunday off from writing, and today my muscles were sluggish. But I did finally manage 2,028 words for this 24-hour period. Giant sigh of relief. I was determined to make it, but still wondered...

And on another, somewhat tragic note, I went to the grocery today. Fortunately they have a resuscitation committee on hand for people like me who are surprised at the magnitude of their total bill. Aack!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day Five

Well, gosh darn it, my face is mostly gone again, but at least my hair is back to the right color. Must be the dark roast coffee... And here is our faithful companion Spot, who (in real life) had a bath this morning in spite of his better judgment.

Just wanted to drop in, share cute clip art AGAIN, and let you know I wrote 2,014 really fun words today. It is wonderful to feel productive, and to enjoy the story. Finally, Jeannie and Eli are real to me. Before this week they were--um--fictional. Can't have that, can we?



Friday, July 9, 2010

Report for Day Four

The word count challenge continues, as does my enjoyment of new clipart images. Here we discover one reason I don't write more words per day.

I should be typing with both hands! Instead of drinking--let's see, that looks like orange juice, right?--with one hand.

So, lesson learned, and I'll try to keep this mind in future.

Fortunately, today was a good day, word count challenge-wise.

2113! I didn't make up for yesterday, but I didn't fall further behind, so it is a victory!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone--and let's keep both hands on the keyboard, okay?


Day Three. Not Entirely My Fault.

It is not entirely my fault that word count for Day Three (Thursday) is slightly under 2,000. Um... 739, actually.

Disappointing to say the least, but I want you to know it was partly caused by my inability to find a Coffee IV clip art in my new Veer Images. Sometimes the stars just do not align.

Today will be better.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Report from Days One and Two

Really enjoying these new clip art pieces. Here I am trying to figure out how to drink coffee after accidentally erasing my face when I bleached my hair. Oopsie.

So the writing challenge is going well. Day One (Tuesday) I wrote 2,049 words, and today 2,074.

I might be able to do more, but don't want to strain a muscle. Especially with this face injury already in full swing.

Tomorrow--we take over the world! Bwahahaha... Or I write 2,000 words. Actually, I'd prefer that.

Check in with me tomorrow. Keep me honest. Keep me motivated. It's working great so far. Thanks, everybody for the comments, emails, Facebook stuff, etc. What fun! (Coffee helps, too. May have to do an IV if my mouth doesn't reappear by tomorrow.)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm sorry--just could not restrain myself. Somehow I have new clip art in my computer, and when searching for "laptop" I found this. Obviously my writing process is wrong on so many levels.

But seriously. What I'd like to request is that you help me for the next few days. In order to reach my goal, I want to write 2,000 words each day, for six days. Today being Day One, we will complete this task on July 12. (I'm going to take Sunday off.)

At the end of each day, or the beginning of the next if I'm too sleepy to function, I will post the word count for the twenty-four hour period. Your mission (yadda yadda) is to check in and see how I'm doing. Heckle me if I'm slacking, etc.

Today so far I have zero words. So on my mark, get set--go!