Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm sorry--just could not restrain myself. Somehow I have new clip art in my computer, and when searching for "laptop" I found this. Obviously my writing process is wrong on so many levels.

But seriously. What I'd like to request is that you help me for the next few days. In order to reach my goal, I want to write 2,000 words each day, for six days. Today being Day One, we will complete this task on July 12. (I'm going to take Sunday off.)

At the end of each day, or the beginning of the next if I'm too sleepy to function, I will post the word count for the twenty-four hour period. Your mission (yadda yadda) is to check in and see how I'm doing. Heckle me if I'm slacking, etc.

Today so far I have zero words. So on my mark, get set--go!



  1. I'll check you out, Magdalena. I think it's brave to ask for nagging. I love your FB picture and feel that we are friends. Don't know if you know Rosanne Quatroke (Salem HS English teacher) or not--she's the one who suggested we become friends.

  2. I am good at reminding--just ask my guys! Maybe I should do this with my online classes-- ask for people to check on me,lol. Jonell

  3. Thanks, Lois and Jonell.

    2049 words today--WOOHOO!

    Yes, Lois, I know Rosanne. I appreciate her "introducing" us to each other.

    Jonell, I don't know if this method would work for you or not, but it sure motivated me today!


  4. Hey, Mags! Congrats on reaching your wd. ct. goal for the day. Woo-hoo! Are you working on a deadline? Keep it up. You're doing great. :o)

  5. Devon and Jennifer--the "tea party with friends" feeling is back at Magdalenaville. :)

    Thanks for the cheers.

    Devon, I am behind on deadline, and decided I wasn't kicking myself in the pants hard enough.