Saturday, July 17, 2010

No more assumptions

Just a quick word today on an entirely different topic--the reinvention of me.

Remember back in 2008 when I said I was reinventing myself? And then my husband got sick and the reinvention process got really serious?

Here is something I have learned. I am not always wrong. Believe it or not, this was a huge surprise. The context of this realization is that we have received several billing statements this year that were in error. Many, but not all, are medically related. We are talking thousands of dollars that we did not owe, but for which we were being incorrectly billed. When this happens I sigh heavily and go into The Mode. Make calls, follow-up calls, send emails, follow-up emails, and produce records. Most of the time people are very pleasant on the phone, yet a correction almost always requires at least one follow-up call. The process often takes weeks.

I am not writing this as a rant. It is an epiphany to me that I need to watch everything so very closely. Who has time to second-guess every single bill that arrives in email or snail-mail? Just guessing this isn't just happening at our house; likely everyone needs to make the time. In this case, time is definitely money.



  1. Wow. Good lesson for the rest of us, Mags.

    Of course, you had no idea what form the reinventing was going to take.

  2. Mags, I promise not to go on any rants again. It's been five days since you've posted and I hope everything's okay.

  3. Hi, Jennifer. You're right of course, about the reinvention. I hope you and other readers won't find yourselves over-billed for things. Maybe I have a dark cloud over my head...

    Devon, we're doing okay. Weather is miserable, but that is Southern Indiana summer. Bleh.