Friday, July 9, 2010

Report for Day Four

The word count challenge continues, as does my enjoyment of new clipart images. Here we discover one reason I don't write more words per day.

I should be typing with both hands! Instead of drinking--let's see, that looks like orange juice, right?--with one hand.

So, lesson learned, and I'll try to keep this mind in future.

Fortunately, today was a good day, word count challenge-wise.

2113! I didn't make up for yesterday, but I didn't fall further behind, so it is a victory!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone--and let's keep both hands on the keyboard, okay?



  1. YAY for big word counts! And loving your new clipart!

  2. Congrats, Mags! Keep going! When I saw the clip art on your previous post, I thought you'd fallen short on your wd. ct. because you had to go donate blood. He-he.

  3. Thanks, Amy and Devon! I'm glad the new clipart arrived just when I needed it. If either of you happen to see a good Coffee IV clipart, let me know, okay?