Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have been thinking about colors lately. My son and I had a discussion about text color on book covers the other day. And I've been thinking about (not doing, but thinking about) painting the living room...

And...well...I'm updating my hair color. Pretty excited about this--I'm going with whatever the natural color really is. Lots of white, I can tell. Not as much chestnut brown as there used to be. But you know what? I think I'm okay with it. If I'm not, I have a box of color in the bathroom drawer. I seldom fly without a net.

It goes right along with my re-reading of Simple Abundance, about becoming authentic. I used to have (without the box) dark brown hair. Further in the past--elementary school--I was a blonde, but few remember those days. A neat thing is that I keep happening on people who are also in the process of going natural. A cousin of my husband's, a friend of mine whom I don't see often. I find myself noticing and appreciating gray or white hair all the time. It's surprisingly pretty!

I call it Silverizing. Because, you know, I can if I want.

I just finished reading Anne Kreamer's terrific book, Going Gray. Highly recommend this even if you're not planning to silverize any time soon. (I love the cover photo. Love it.)

This is not huge news. I realize I'm not rocking your world. Just sharing. I figure, as complicated as my life is right now, I'm adopting silverizing as my new hobby. Easy and inexpensive. And, believe it or not, fun!


P.S. I will attempt to link to IndieBound when possible for books. Just a reminder to buy books at independent bookstores if you're able and so inclined.

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