Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My two lives

Life on the plateau isn't as good as it was, but although we're sliding off, it is a gradual descent. I am so grateful my husband still has no headaches from the brain tumor. Grateful, too, for the amazing love and encouragement many, many people.

Still, sometimes it is my "other" life--the writing life--that bails me out of depression. Like today when Maddie James told me about the glowing review of A Piece of Her Soul posted on the Amazon book page for the anthology Something Spooky this Way Comes. Many thanks to the reviewer, Arkali, for a much-needed UP on a mostly DOWN day.

And guess what?!? It looks as if early December may bring paperbacks of the 2010 Legend anthology, A Christmas to Remember. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the anthology cover. I'm looking forward to it; the novella covers have been particularly nice this year.

Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington, KY is hosting the annual Kentucky Romance Writers booksigning in just a few days. I haven't done a big public writerly thing in a while; maybe I've forgotten how! We'll find out on Saturday, November 20, 2:00-4:00 PM. I'm hitching a ride with author Jan Scarbrough. I betcha we'll talk writing stuff on the drive. *Sigh*



  1. *hugs*

    Have fun Saturday and enjoy yourself.

  2. Magdalena, it was so good to see you out and about...and doing your writerly thing. Love you bunches.

  3. Thank you, ladies. Saturday was a delight.