Thursday, December 30, 2010

A fresh start

Midnight Shelby is one of my favorite characters. She's beautiful and exotic, and she's a risk taker. After a painful divorce, Midnight left New York City. Legend, Tennessee barely showed on a map, but she discovered it in some internet research, bought a big old building, and moved there to start over.

And now...Midnight is starting over again, but in a different way. Her novella will be re-released by Turquoise Morning Press in February. More later about the print book with all four of the first Legend stories. The series has grown quickly, but it started with the Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology of Claiming the Legend by Janet Eaves, Midnight in Legend, TN (by me), Bed, Breakfast and You by Maddie James, and The Reunion Game by Jan Scarbrough.

It seems like a good time of year to talk about a fresh start. And it was high time I showed off Midnight's lovely novella cover.

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Putting up a tree

Thought maybe I should go ahead and put up a tree. This one goes right along with my current mindset of trying to simplify life as much as possible.

Have a merry little Christmas!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


The writer's life isn't all "up," even when real life is going reasonably well. So I thought I'd share some really nice news about the Legend Christmas novellas. Each of them was recently reviewed at Two Lips Reviews, and each got That's really good!

In chronological order, here is the link for Janet Eaves' 1945 Through Her Eyes, Jan Scarbrough's 1969 Not Quite Christmas, and my 1978-set novella, The Holly and the Ivy. Many thanks to reviewer Rose...her honorary key to the town of Legend is in the mail.  :)