Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday!

Wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Happy Friday! I was talking to someone earlier today along the lines of yeehaw it's the weekend and I'm excited. Not because I have big plans, but because I do not. There may be hours of unscripted time! The fellow I was talking about understood. He confided, "I'm thinking about reading a book." Yeah. Me, too.

And. There is news in Writerland. Coming up on Saturday, March 19 in Lexington, KY is the Kentucky Romance Writers annual Spring into Writing event. This year the workshop will be led by Scott Eagen of Greyhaus Literary Agency. You might want to bookmark the KYRW website where details will show up in the near future.

Last night's presentation, "Writing and Publishing in the Twenty-First Century" was fun. Plenty of participation by the ladies in attendance, which took some of the pressure off the nervous presenter. Thanks, y'all!

I love the image, above, of an old typewriter. Of course, it reminds me that I have one like it around here somewhere... Which reminds me of the decluttering and minimalism I'm into these days. I finished reading The Joy of Less, having dragged it out as long as I could, immensely enjoying each chapter.  I'm really thankful to have discovered this book at this point in my life. The timing was just right for me.

I hope you'll get to spend some quality time with a book this weekend.