Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embrace the wind

As I write this, Magdalenaville is experiencing high winds. The afternoon is punctuated by the occasional rattling of one of the inside doors of our old drafty house. I'm not a big fan of high winds, straight line or otherwise, but one thing is sure. Winds bring change.

I can choose to embrace change, or hide behind something solid and hope the wind will pass me by.

This one time, maybe I'll run out and meet it. What about you?



  1. This morning I watched in awe as the wind blew a majestic tree over. It was incredible.I saw it over the rooftop of my neighbor's house. Did I really see what I thought I saw? I drove over to the next street. Yes. There it was split at the trunk and lying across the yard. Luckily not on the house or car! I like the wind but it is scary because of the potential of destruction.

  2. I agree, Jennifer. Especially since Hurricane Ike came to Southern Indiana in September 2008, wind is scary to me. The awesome power...