Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Checking the map

As you can see, the blog is changing. Welcome to Magdalenaville opened in late 2008 with high hopes for my romance-writing career. Good things happened. We had lots of fun here!

My husband's diagnosis in December 2009 with inoperable Glioblastoma, and the year-plus of adding full-time caregiver to my resume`... Well, let's just say the reinvention of Mags has taken an unexpected turn.

I'm still trying to figure out the map.

I have struggled with the blog, but cannot let it die, because I miss you all. SO. We're returning to the original intent, of sharing with my friends/readers the road I'm on--even though this road has wound through some wild terrain! 

Posts will be shorter, and on a variety of topics, from my own personal reinvention-under-fire, to life observations, to a weekly (or so) Riveting Question. (The first one is about pajamas, but don't tell!)

I still write romance. We'll talk about that, too.  :)



  1. Love the new Look. Very fresh!
    Re-invention is a tough gig. I know from personal experience it is a lot easier to talk about than do. I look forward to reading about your journey and hopefully will be able to walk along this unknown trail with you. The positive side of me is excited about creating the new me. The less than positive part of me is not done whinning yet. today, I choose to embrace the unknown. My question is- Do you have a game plan or are you following the wind?
    Is this a timelined. goal oriented event or more free flowing? THis is what I need to decide. Got any suggestions?

  2. Hey there, Garden Girl! For me, at this point any success is cause for celebration. If I work on a story for half an hour, or clean out a drawer, or happen upon a color that looks good with my suddenly different hair, it is a good day. Kind of the ultimate in free-flowing, huh?

    Not that I necessarily recommend it...