Friday, March 11, 2011

Higher education. MUCH higher.

I wish someone had told me that, before I got a marriage license, and way before I brought a baby home from the hospital, I needed to be a Registered Nurse (or Medical Doctor in general practice), and also a C.P.A. This whole marriage-and-a-family gig is much too easy to get into without the proper credentials.

Years ago I stumbled along through caring for a baby with jaundice, baby with colic, baby with pneumonia... (All the same baby. Wonder why he is an only child?)

Now I am trying to take care of his dad's health problems, and everybody's finances, and not lose myself or my sanity in the process. This week has been rough, and each night I think tomorrow will surely be better. So far I've been wrong.

I think we have at least one new reader here on the blog, and I'd like to mention a website I've found helpful--Seeking Peace: Brain Tumor Hospice Care. Don't spend much time at the page called From the Trenches unless you're ready to shed tears.


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