Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, today the bane of my existence is paper.

Been looking for birth certificates today, and our marriage certificate. One birth certificate, and the marriage certificate, are (as yet) unfound. Drat. I used to be so organized!

Have also spent some time in an effort to receive less paper--signing up for online bill paying with some of the utilities. With the electric company I could do it over the phone, but with the natural gas company I have to fill out a paper. (In order to not have more paper.)

When we submitted the FAFSA the other night, I said I wanted to print it. The Progeny, who had the laptop in his hand at the time, printed it--to PDF. Now, I think printing to PDF is great, but sometimes I want to stick a piece of paper into a file. He's right, of course--we saved the PDF where it can be found later. (I hope.)

Received a royalties statement by email today, which I printed to PDF and did not generate a hard copy. It was a struggle, but I forced myself. I really like the convenience and the fact that there is less waste with these options, and of course with ebooks (not that I'm trying to get you to go to my Amazon page and shop, or anything).

I do wish I could find my business cards (see lack of organization, above). I wanted to take the cards with me to the workshop Saturday. Drat. Again.

One interesting paper made its appearance during my foray this afternoon. A small note written (I think) by my husband's dad, who died forty-plus years ago. The note has information about the house where we live, the fact that it was built in 1857 and added onto in 1870. Maybe I'll scan it and save in my laptop. Who knows when I'll find the original again!


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  1. Whee! Found the business cards, exactly where they should have been. Yeesh.