Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Wednesdays have become our mid-week "day off." Instead of taking my husband to the center and going to work for three more hours, we stay home, I cook a big breakfast, get some things caught up, and take him for an outing...

But not today. Today he is more confused than usual, and not his easygoing self. He has talked a lot, but made no sense. Recollections of things that didn't happen, questions about my part in this or that event.

Him: "Was your girlfriend really surprised when you came out on stage dressed as a clown?"
Me: "?"

I've filled two large garbage bags with his too-small clothes, ready to donate.  He'll never need that many dress clothes again.

It's chilly and grey outside, and it's raining--of course.

I want to pitch a story to Scott Eagan next Saturday at the KYRW workshop, but it isn't finished. The tax returns aren't ready at accountant's office. I can't get the FAFSA (due tomorrow) finished because I need the info from the returns. Doing the FAFSA online at the last minute is chancy. The website gets overloaded. What if I don't get it done in time? No help for our son on college costs this fall.

Somebody shut Spot into the back room overnight; he wet the floor. I cleaned that up on my way to work this morning at dawn.

Yeah. It's definitely grey, and not just outside.



  1. Sorry Wednesday was so rotten. Some days it just feels like the universe conspires against us. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Thanks, Sherry. Seems it is going to continue being one of those weeks. Oh well...