Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On stuff

I really love having a dishwasher. So very handy. But I can live without it, as I have done for most of my life. Today, mid-cycle, my formerly terrific machine stopped working. It is an aggravation, but even more, a reminder to me that:

1) Everything that comes into this house has original cost, upkeep and maintenance cost, and space cost; and

2) I need to declutter the cabinet in which I store dishes, glasses, and mugs.

I bet there are lots of people who actually need dishes. There is no good reason for me to hold onto these things for the sake of convenience (doing dishes less frequently).

I'm sure The Progeny won't mind washing his plate/cup/bowl/glass after each use.



1 comment:

  1. I live the very definition of too. much. stuff. It's probably sinful, and I do give, throw, and put away as much as I can, but it never gets better.

    I'm going to end up on TLC one of these days, and they'll say, "Oh, it's so sad--crushed by her own mountain of useless stuff."