Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paring down

My website will change in about a week. I've decided to pare down the cost and the content, so instead of using a web hosting company, I am moving it to Blogger. I designed the current/old site using some neat tools provided by the hosting company. I don't have any issues with them--just ready for a change. I'll give you a look at the new site when it's "live," but for now if you want to say good-bye to the old one (*sniff*), click here.

Also paring down physical stuff here at the casa. This has been ongoing, in fits and starts, for many months. I think about, and talk about, being a minimalist, but I know some people who are actually living it. Their experiences are so inspiring to me! Evidently I need to go to an IKEA store, because in the past couple of days, two friends (who do not know each other) told me about something in particular I need to see there. Tiny minimalist "apartments" set up right in the store, so you can imagine living in, say, 250-600 square feet.

Two people telling me exactly the same thing. Don't you love it when life slaps you upside the head like that?

And GUESS WHAT!?! Last year's Ladies of Legend Christmas anthology is now available in print! Click here to get all the info at Amazon. I know, I know... You only buy ebooks. No room for paperbacks. Well, I'm holding onto a paper copy. Once in a while I am a little bit sentimental.


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