Friday, August 26, 2011

Limping along

Yikes--My fiction-writing muscles are really out of shape! Two days in a row of the two-hour writing slot, but not exactly a giant pile of words to show for it. I have managed to salvage some old partial manuscripts (Oops--how did they fall out of the hard drive?) and make a teensy bit of progress on a new short story. It's something, at least.

Cannot seem to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, so I'll blame part of my general sluggishness on that.

Very much enjoying the current romance read, a Harlequin American, My True Cowboy, by Shelley Galloway.

Happy Friday!


P.S. Ask me next week about our fishing trip.


  1. Just keep at it and eventually those atrophied muscles will loosen with time and exercise. I know you can do it!

    Have fun on your fishing trip. I'll be back to see how that went next week. ;o)

  2. Good job at getting as far as you did! Seriously- some days are better than others- just keep at it.

    I love Shelley Galloway. Hope you enjoy her story and find inspiration for your work.


  3. Taryn, "atrophied muscles" is the perfect description. SHEESH. I write nonfiction (updating friends about my husband) all the time, but have struggled trying to get into my fiction zone.

    Nancy, of course you're right, and there will be better days soon. (I hope.)