Monday, August 29, 2011


What a lovely weekend! Friday evening I took my husband to his cousin's for an evening of fishing. We ladies sat on shore and visited while the guys puttered around in the pontoon boat, fishing, talking, and laughing. Their laughter was such a wonderful sound. We missed the swans and the bald eagles, but maybe we'll get to go again, and they'll be visible. (Note: No fish lost their lives in the making of this delightful evening.)

We spent much of Saturday afternoon at Art in Speed Park, a juried arts and crafts festival in our area. Only bought one item, a birthday gift for my cousin the Writing Conscience. Her birthday isn't until December, but I'm ready! In order to take my husband to an event like this, I needed help, so once again I am appreciative to the people who support us in so many ways.

Sunday was church and a wonderful meal at a state park inn--again, with friends--and afterward, a drive through the park.

The weekend was great for both of us. My husband may remember some of it, though even the much-anticipated fishing trip is already faded and confused in his memory. I awoke Monday morning feeling thankful and refreshed, and started writing a Christmas short story.

As we often say at our house, life is good.



  1. Glad you got to enjoy such a wonderful weekend! Hope you made much progress on your short story and find even more for today!

  2. Thanks, Taryn. Yes, I'm making progress. It feels great, as you can imagine.