Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simplifying. Again.

So I have spent more time than I meant to spend, updating the blog a little bit. I tried to simplify the look somewhat, and am also taking everyone off the hook of feeling the need to comment--by disabling comments.You can read a blog entry and go about your business. You have better things to do than feed my ego, right? (No need to thank me.)

This is the new cover for Under the Mistletoe. I LOVE this cover. Pretty sure this is my favorite cover of all time. (And yes, I know it is wrong of me to have favorites.)

The ebook is available at Turquoise Morning Press, Amazon, All Romance Ebooks. Your usual ebook buying places.

Just noticed that the parenthetical items above are like comments. So I am commenting on my own blog as I write it. Which is maybe a little odd.

Oh well.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Romance

Some of my Christmas stories are being re-released, and I'm so thrilled to share them with you! Many thanks to Turquoise Morning Press for this opportunity.

I dedicated Christmas Collision to my friends in the judicial biz. (!) Here's a little about the story:

Rebecca Mayfield is a terrific attorney, successful and respected. Her personal life, however, is currently a mess. Her most recent romance ended badly, her only son is out of the country, and it’s almost Christmas. Why not accept her friend Midnight’s invitation for a small-town Christmas in Legend, Tennessee? 

David McClain’s Christmas tradition is to observe a solitary vigil in his remote cabin, in the mountains above Legend.  It’s his special time to remember his beloved wife, Holly, whose life ended so suddenly just this time of year.

A freak blizzard intervenes, sliding Rebecca’s rental car into a snow-filled ditch near David’s cabin. Two unhappy people, lonely and frustrated with life, learn about each other, and themselves in the process.  And the mountain magic of Legend, Tennessee weaves yet another love story.


My real life has settled down some; perhaps I can keep in touch better.

I hope your holiday season is blessed!


Friday, August 24, 2012


This is Spot after a trip to the groomer this summer. He is happy to be in the car, on the way home.

Spot, Attila and I are adjusting well to the apartment, I think, but we still have unsettled moments. Attila wants to explore further in the building than I'll let him go, Spot occasionally makes a mis-step on the long staircase when we come back in from a walk.

My adjustment is mostly mental and emotional. I skipped an event last night that included a tour of an old house turned bed and breakfast, furnished with antiques. Our auction last month still feels near enough to touch, all the antiques we sold, our old house that had potential we never managed to reach...

I did a teensy bit of writing this week. Also updated the Facebook page. Go here to take a look out the window of the Jewel Box, and see Attila enjoying fresh morning air through our jazzy new screen.

We're not totally adjusted yet, but we'll get there. Like the story I started writing this week, we're just works in progress.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Release and The Other Life

Where Her Heart Is released today! It will be on Amazon soon, but is already available at Smashwords. It's okay to go ahead and buy it today. You know you want to, right?  :)

What a thrill to have a book release. If you haven't seen the lovely cover, scroll down to the previous post. The next novella will be out later this summer or early fall, then a Christmas story in the fall/winter. Plenty of good things going on in Legend, Tennessee these days!

Lots going on in Magdalenaville, too. Getting ready to sell our house and its contents at auction in just a few weeks. Such a daunting task, physically, but we've had help. The emotional toll won't be known for a while. It's been hard, but is getting easier.

I was lucky to have begun to embrace minimalism. It provides perspective. I knew these things, but know them so much more deeply now:

People are important, things not so much.

Experiences are important, souvenirs tend to be dustcatchers.

Love is everything, and impossible to contain in an inanimate object of any sort.

Makes me feel very wealthy indeed, even as I prepare to sell most of our possessions.


Monday, June 11, 2012

The new face of Betsy

Beautiful cover art, for Betsy and Mike McClain's story. I love the "branding" of this novella (see at the bottom, the mountains around Legend?). Makes it match up with the other Ladies of Legend series. Where Her Heart Is should release in late July.

It will be nice for Betsy to be up there with her buddy Midnight Shelby. Did you know Midnight in Legend, TN is a betseller at Turquoise Morning Press? Pretty exciting stuff!

Good news is always fun to share.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Past the storm

Here in Magdalenaville we are watching the approach of some potentially nasty clouds. The rain has changed evening plans (laundromat can wait a few days). Instead, we'll listen to music while I make supper, wash dishes, read and write. The catnip mouse will get tossed about, as will the tennis ball. We may toast the storm with a glass of Sangria.

Important things are under control--my husband and son are as safe as possible, Spot's walk was accomplished before the rain. (Attila, our kitten, is lying in the window seat, enjoying Nature's show. And to be honest, he's never under control...)

I assume the storm will pass us without damage. There's no assurance of that, even in Magdalenaville. But we are learning to persevere.

Monday was my first holiday "on my own" with only Attila and Spot for company. It was different, but okay in its way. I finished the rewrite of Where Her Heart Is, which will release this summer from Turquoise Morning Press. That felt wonderful.

The next day I took another big step. I set the auction date for our home and personal property. More emotions are involved than I probably realize even now, but I feel good having finally decided. The big house isn't home anymore, and it's time another family had the chance to make memories there.

So that particular storm cloud--the decision--didn't damage us too much. In two and a half years of my husband's illness, there have been thousands of decisions. We've done the best we can and moved on, with an umbrella nearby just in case.


Saturday, April 21, 2012


It seems I have lost almost four months. I woke up this morning and it was April 21, which did not seem particularly strange... Until I started going through an email account that had gotten crazily out of control. I had let a writers' group membership lapse, having never seen the January email about dues. I was fortunate to be able to take care of that, and spent a chunk of my morning [sort of] scanning, then deleting thousands of emails.

Thinking back on the year, January seems close enough to touch. Where did all those days go? What did I do with the time?

Then I started rewrites of a Ladies of Legend novella, for release with Turquoise Morning Press. I don't even know when I last worked at writing. After some initial awkwardness, it felt great to be doing the work I love.

Day job and a needy cat, uproar of relocation and preparation for selling our home--everything has taken what is available of my energy. I wake up tired and my brain never really kicks into gear. At night I fall into bed, exhausted. I should probably be doing something differently.

One thing is this. I should be writing. I hope my stories bring joy to my readers, but I know they bring joy to me.

I hope you have something like that in your life. If so, hold onto it. Don't go for months without it. Life, as they say, is too short...