Saturday, April 21, 2012


It seems I have lost almost four months. I woke up this morning and it was April 21, which did not seem particularly strange... Until I started going through an email account that had gotten crazily out of control. I had let a writers' group membership lapse, having never seen the January email about dues. I was fortunate to be able to take care of that, and spent a chunk of my morning [sort of] scanning, then deleting thousands of emails.

Thinking back on the year, January seems close enough to touch. Where did all those days go? What did I do with the time?

Then I started rewrites of a Ladies of Legend novella, for release with Turquoise Morning Press. I don't even know when I last worked at writing. After some initial awkwardness, it felt great to be doing the work I love.

Day job and a needy cat, uproar of relocation and preparation for selling our home--everything has taken what is available of my energy. I wake up tired and my brain never really kicks into gear. At night I fall into bed, exhausted. I should probably be doing something differently.

One thing is this. I should be writing. I hope my stories bring joy to my readers, but I know they bring joy to me.

I hope you have something like that in your life. If so, hold onto it. Don't go for months without it. Life, as they say, is too short...