Thursday, May 31, 2012

Past the storm

Here in Magdalenaville we are watching the approach of some potentially nasty clouds. The rain has changed evening plans (laundromat can wait a few days). Instead, we'll listen to music while I make supper, wash dishes, read and write. The catnip mouse will get tossed about, as will the tennis ball. We may toast the storm with a glass of Sangria.

Important things are under control--my husband and son are as safe as possible, Spot's walk was accomplished before the rain. (Attila, our kitten, is lying in the window seat, enjoying Nature's show. And to be honest, he's never under control...)

I assume the storm will pass us without damage. There's no assurance of that, even in Magdalenaville. But we are learning to persevere.

Monday was my first holiday "on my own" with only Attila and Spot for company. It was different, but okay in its way. I finished the rewrite of Where Her Heart Is, which will release this summer from Turquoise Morning Press. That felt wonderful.

The next day I took another big step. I set the auction date for our home and personal property. More emotions are involved than I probably realize even now, but I feel good having finally decided. The big house isn't home anymore, and it's time another family had the chance to make memories there.

So that particular storm cloud--the decision--didn't damage us too much. In two and a half years of my husband's illness, there have been thousands of decisions. We've done the best we can and moved on, with an umbrella nearby just in case.