Monday, June 25, 2012

Release and The Other Life

Where Her Heart Is released today! It will be on Amazon soon, but is already available at Smashwords. It's okay to go ahead and buy it today. You know you want to, right?  :)

What a thrill to have a book release. If you haven't seen the lovely cover, scroll down to the previous post. The next novella will be out later this summer or early fall, then a Christmas story in the fall/winter. Plenty of good things going on in Legend, Tennessee these days!

Lots going on in Magdalenaville, too. Getting ready to sell our house and its contents at auction in just a few weeks. Such a daunting task, physically, but we've had help. The emotional toll won't be known for a while. It's been hard, but is getting easier.

I was lucky to have begun to embrace minimalism. It provides perspective. I knew these things, but know them so much more deeply now:

People are important, things not so much.

Experiences are important, souvenirs tend to be dustcatchers.

Love is everything, and impossible to contain in an inanimate object of any sort.

Makes me feel very wealthy indeed, even as I prepare to sell most of our possessions.


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  1. You are so strong. I'm glad you have good things happening to balance out the hard road you're plowing. Keep your head up girlfriend. You're an inspiration for us all. :)