Friday, August 24, 2012


This is Spot after a trip to the groomer this summer. He is happy to be in the car, on the way home.

Spot, Attila and I are adjusting well to the apartment, I think, but we still have unsettled moments. Attila wants to explore further in the building than I'll let him go, Spot occasionally makes a mis-step on the long staircase when we come back in from a walk.

My adjustment is mostly mental and emotional. I skipped an event last night that included a tour of an old house turned bed and breakfast, furnished with antiques. Our auction last month still feels near enough to touch, all the antiques we sold, our old house that had potential we never managed to reach...

I did a teensy bit of writing this week. Also updated the Facebook page. Go here to take a look out the window of the Jewel Box, and see Attila enjoying fresh morning air through our jazzy new screen.

We're not totally adjusted yet, but we'll get there. Like the story I started writing this week, we're just works in progress.