Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simplifying. Again.

So I have spent more time than I meant to spend, updating the blog a little bit. I tried to simplify the look somewhat, and am also taking everyone off the hook of feeling the need to comment--by disabling comments.You can read a blog entry and go about your business. You have better things to do than feed my ego, right? (No need to thank me.)

This is the new cover for Under the Mistletoe. I LOVE this cover. Pretty sure this is my favorite cover of all time. (And yes, I know it is wrong of me to have favorites.)

The ebook is available at Turquoise Morning Press, Amazon, All Romance Ebooks. Your usual ebook buying places.

Just noticed that the parenthetical items above are like comments. So I am commenting on my own blog as I write it. Which is maybe a little odd.

Oh well.