Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In the studio

I want to write stories again. I miss it desperately! I want to put up fun little blogs, too.

I used to do those things.

This evening I've been reading one of my novellas, and some of my blog entries from 2009.  I laughed out loud more than once. (I also used to have a sense of humor!)

So much has happened to my family in the last three years. Some of it has been horrifying, or heartbreaking. Some of it has been beautiful and uplifting. All of it was unexpected.

Three years ago I lived with my husband in a big house. I had a fun little part-time job. Our son (in old blog entries I called him "The Progeny") was in college.

My husband died in September 2012, victim of a cancerous brain tumor. Just typing that sentence makes me cry. But you know what? He's okay now. He is 100% fine! No more wheelchair, no more confusion. No more of all the rotten stuff that happened to him.

I sold the house and most of our furniture and possessions last summer--downsizing doesn't begin to describe what we went through.

But that's okay too. It's only stuff, after all. I had been thinking Minimalism looked cool, right?

Now the Progeny is close to graduating from college, and is engaged to a wonderful young woman. (Wonder if I can call her The Progenette?) I live in a darling little studio apartment with our dog Spot and Attila, my Cat from Heck. (He managed not to be in the photo above. Probably sleeping in the closet again. Which he is not supposed to do.)

The last three years have been reinvention with a vengeance. In many ways I'm not the person I used to be. I think my face has aged a lot, but my heart and my backbone are stronger.

It was my great privilege to take care of my husband, and my responsibility to deal with our stuff. Since September I've been trying to settle into this new life I have. Settle into being Me.

I love writing. I love making up stories, discovering characters' personalities, seeing where they live and what their problems are. I love making sure they get a happy ending. You can do that in fiction.

I'm going to write another Ladies of Legend story, which will take off where Greg and Chloe's tale ends. Their book--formerly Home Sweet Legend, but now called Building a Dream--will be coming out again this spring. It's likely my best Legend story.

At least, it's my best Legend story so far...