Monday, February 11, 2013

In paperback for the first time

For the first time ever, these two stories are now available in paperback. Yesterday you got the back cover blurb for Building a Dream. Here is the blurb for Where Her Heart Is...

Betsy McClain left Legend, Tennessee two years ago, with a broken heart, a baby to care for, and precious little else. She’s done well in the city, and so has daughter LizBeth Ann. A heartfelt request from Dorothy McClain is the only thing that could bring them back to Legend even temporarily.

Mike McClain wants to get to know his only child, but Betsy isn’t cutting him any slack. Good looks and the old McClain charm seem to be failing him. Betsy is not the same lovestruck girl he married, nor the girl who left Legend in a flurry of anger and tears. But he’s changed too. Can’t she see that?

Mike is renovating the house where Betsy and LizBeth Ann are staying. Everyone in Legend would like to see them get back together. The only thing standing in the way is Betsy’s stubbornness…or is it Mike’s?
If you love a beautiful paperback, may I suggest that Home Sweet Legend would look terrific on your bedside table or bookshelf. Go ahead and give yourself a little love for Valentine's Day. Click on the title to go to the Amazon page.

Isn't it nifty? My own little anthology.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Building a Dream

Chloe McClain is an artist, so she’s used to creating something from nothing. This time, though, the project is bigger than her usual canvas—this time she’s bought a big dilapidated building to rehab into a classy art gallery. Should be easy enough; she’ll hire Greg Andrews and his construction crew. Greg’s work has gotten good reviews from everyone in Legend. Of course there is kind of a rush on the project…

Greg is a professional, and his professional opinion is that Chloe’s pile of bricks should be put out of its misery. There’s no way he can bring the place up to code by her deadline, let alone turn it into the showplace she has in mind. But Chloe’s a McClain, and besides a wide stubborn streak, that means deep pockets. Speaking of which, Greg can’t keep his eyes off the back pockets of Chloe’s jeans...

When you live in Legend, Tennessee, there are certain things to remember. People in Legend pull together. Community before self. And you never want to take a wrong step around a McClain—even the cute females.

Available now at Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks. It will show up (maybe by the time you read this) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, ibooks, and others.   

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What a way to start a week, huh? WOW.