Friday, May 17, 2013

Digital stuff

So, my point is that everything, everywhere, is all about technology, and digital stuff. But when I typed "router" to look for clip art, this is the only picture that came up. Yay for clip art that's less techy-looking than it actually is. (I'm sure I'd be boggled by the technology behind me typing a word into a search box and a picture popping up. Or even how one would program a page, onto which one puts a search box which people can later type words into. OR how a digital camera takes and stores a picture for which that search box can later search... Thank you, geeks of the world, for making life easier/more complicated. I appreciate you. Mostly.)

Tonight I'm doing a booksigning at Salem Apothecary. Whee! It's a great place, with a soda fountain that serves yummy ice cream treats all day--and delicious gourmet lunches Monday through Friday. They have compounding pharmacy, a gift boutique, and a staff of wonderfully friendly people. Tonight the store is open late for the local festival, Friday Night on the Square.

How is this digital? Besides signing copies of Home Sweet Legend tonight, I'll also be giving away little slips of paper telling people how to get a FREE digital copy of Finding Home on either Kindle or Nook. Free items sell extremely well at Friday Night on the Square.

Other digital stuff on my mind this week is that my daggone cell phone keeps locking up, which makes me wonder yet again if I'd be happier with a phone that was just a phone. I don't really need to read and send email with my phone, for instance. Maybe it would simplify my life to have a basic phone again. After all, I have a laptop and fast wireless internet from a local provider. Which is another thing that's been brought up recently. Does one share one's router, or does one keep it password protected?

Best of all, technology-wise: The Progeny, who recently graduated from college(!), is working in a new job that he really enjoys, doing computerish stuff that I don't understand, but which helps other people and makes him happy. Many thanks to our friends and neighbors who gave him old computers to take apart and put back together again, back in his formative years.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This evening I learned that a friend of mine had died. She got me through lots of dark days and nights, confusion and uncertainty. She did the same for countless other women, too.

Widow to Widow was written by Genevieve Davis Ginsburg, MS, a woman I never met except in the pages of a book that changed my life. In preparing to write a short post about the book, I discovered the reason she doesn't have an Amazon page, and she isn't tweeting or popping up on facebook with cute pictures of her pets like so many authors I know (including myself).

According to this brief mention about The Women's Plaza of Honor at the University of Arizona, she died in 1996. When I saw that, I was stunned. After all, she was just "talking to me" through the pages of the book a couple of months ago. I sat here with the laptop and cried for the first time in a while. (Widows cry at unexpected times. This is normal. I read that in Genevieve's book.)

I'll continue to give copies of the book to recent widows I know. There's a copy in our local library now, too. If someone in your life has recently lost a spouse, I would recommend you consider this as a gift.

I wish I could have said thank you to Genevieve. But when she died (1996) I had no inkling I would ever need to read a "widow book." How grateful I am that she knew it!

Shedding tears is okay, even when it's unexpected. Each of us grieves in our own way, and at our own rate of speed. My friend Genevieve told me so.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding the quiet center

I could sit the way this lady is sitting. I could not, however, have actual flaming candles because there's no telling what Attila (the Kitten from Heck) would do with them. Which is why I gave away all my candles. And after a few minutes I'd need to stagger to my feet, and get my circulation going again. So instead, I'm settled into my big squishy couch, where I can glance out the window once in a while, and maintain this peaceful mindset...

For the first time in many years, my outlook is rather serene. I don't think I've felt this peaceful since childhood. Yes, I'm a worrier with decades of practice. But I don't do much of that anymore. Drama? Conflict? No thank you.

I imagine this change of heart occurred mostly because I finally realized how little control I ever had over any circumstance. (I never said I was a quick learner.)

Feeling at peace... Over the years I wondered what that would be like. Now it seems I'm looking at the world through thick safety glass. I try in my own small, quiet ways to help make it a better place. But I won't try to control it.

Magdalenaville is pretty daggone close to Nirvana right now. Even though the Kitten from Heck lives here.