Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding the quiet center

I could sit the way this lady is sitting. I could not, however, have actual flaming candles because there's no telling what Attila (the Kitten from Heck) would do with them. Which is why I gave away all my candles. And after a few minutes I'd need to stagger to my feet, and get my circulation going again. So instead, I'm settled into my big squishy couch, where I can glance out the window once in a while, and maintain this peaceful mindset...

For the first time in many years, my outlook is rather serene. I don't think I've felt this peaceful since childhood. Yes, I'm a worrier with decades of practice. But I don't do much of that anymore. Drama? Conflict? No thank you.

I imagine this change of heart occurred mostly because I finally realized how little control I ever had over any circumstance. (I never said I was a quick learner.)

Feeling at peace... Over the years I wondered what that would be like. Now it seems I'm looking at the world through thick safety glass. I try in my own small, quiet ways to help make it a better place. But I won't try to control it.

Magdalenaville is pretty daggone close to Nirvana right now. Even though the Kitten from Heck lives here.


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