Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Making peace with the past

The Progeny and I recently had the unique opportunity of touring our own home. The home where I was a wife for 30 years, the home where my son grew up, and his dad before him. Due to my husband's illness, the house sold at auction last summer.

The interior renovations are complete, and the new owners very kindly let us do a self-guided tour. They encouraged us to take our time at it. What a gift! We were surprised at how much had not been changed, and enjoyed seeing the many creative improvements. The 150+ year old house had lots of character, and lots of potential. Now its potential has been realized. The house is changed, but in a good way. The Progeny and I have undergone changes too, because of my husband's illness and death. We've come out on the other side, as stronger and better people.

Also this weekend I started working on a bigger, better version of Midnight in Legend, TN. It's fun to spend time again with Midnight Shelby and Martin McClain. They're some of my favorite characters, and have "walk-on parts" in most of my Legend stories. Still, Midnight and Martin's love story deserves more. I hope that my writing has evolved, and that their story will be stronger and better when I've finished it this time.

There's no way to go forward without making peace with the past, right?


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feel better

Our local farmers' markets have started up, and I'm not sure anyone is more excited about it than I am. Breakfast this morning included this bowl of yummy strawberries with just a little turbinado sugar sprinkled on them. The bread is white sourdough. Mmmmm. And for lunch many days in the summer, I saute' zucchini, yellow squash, and diced onion in olive oil, with some creole seasoning. In the last couple of minutes I add cashews.

I'm eating healthier because of the farmers' markets, and now that my springtime allergies have abated somewhat, I'm also able to walk for exercise. I feel better, and have more energy.

I also feel good when I give away a copy of Genevieve Davis Ginsburg's book, Widow to Widow. At the office where I work, occasionally I meet a woman who is a recent widow, and I have a box of these books under my desk to give away. That happened today. It is one tiny thing I can do, to make the world a little brighter.

Eventually I'll be able to write again, and I hope those books will brighten someone's day, too. Author: A pretty terrific job if you can get it.  :)


PS: Finding Home is still free on Kindle and Nook.