Friday, September 6, 2013

The Road

I recently drove to the city where The Progeny works, to have lunch with him. Instead of zooming up the interstate, I chose to travel on its predecessor--a nice two-lane highway with very little traffic. Took a bit longer, but it was a beautiful drive on a gloriously sunny day. I've lived here all my life, but still love the rolling hills of Southern Indiana.

What a blessing to have such a wonderful son. Not just that he bought lunch (and ice cream!), or that he gave me a tour of his workplace...but that he was truly glad for us to spend that time together.

He's engaged, you know, to a wonderful young woman. Someday they may live too far away for me to drive up and have lunch, or to spend an afternoon. That will be a big adjustment, but we've certainly had a lot of those. I'm confident we will do the best we can with what we have.

I keep learning, or trying to learn, how to appreciate what I have. To live each moment more fully. One thing that helps is to be mindful in what I do.

I make coffee in a French press instead of something instanteous. I cook in my tiny kitchen as often as possible, attempting to create healthful meals. I clean the Jewel Box on Sunday morning. It's a meditation of thankfulness, not a chore.

Like working on Midnight's story. I'm not dashing through it (as if I could), but I'm enjoying the process. I am a better person when I'm a thankful person. I hope it makes my stories better too.

Happy Friday!

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