Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Peddling and pedaling

I've been peddling books. I spent part of my lunch hour, and some time after work, giving out promo pieces for our 99 cent collection, Love in a Small Town. They are just little slips of paper with the image of the digital boxed set and where to buy it. I enjoy doing this type of promo, because I get to talk to people one on one. I try not to be too pushy, but I want to share these stories with as many people as possible because I believe in them. Today most of the people I talked to would not have learned about it via social media. Most of them seemed interested, too, which was fun.

I've also been thinking about another type of pedaling--the bicycle kind. I'm concerned about health problems related to sitting too much. I've gained weight in the last couple of years, due to a more sedentary job, shorter walk to work, and many fewer steps inside my apartment compared to the biggish house we used to live in. I've become intrigued with the idea of having a standing desk, and maybe even bicycle-type pedals on my big tall stool (for when I'm not standing at my standing desk.) The Mayo Clinic website, among other things, suggests: "Position your work surface above a treadmill — with a computer screen and keyboard on a stand or a specialized treadmill-ready vertical desk — so that you can be in motion throughout the day."

We should all be walking or bicycling while working. Doesn't that sound like fun?

I know it won't happen, because it's unusual, and expensive, and probably more complicated than I realize. Maybe I should propose it this way: my pedals could be hooked up to a generator, so I could generate the electricity to run my computer. Win-win, right?


Monday, October 21, 2013

Love in a small town

For a limited time, buy this 9-book collection of Ladies of Legend books for only 99 cents.

"Seriously," you say. "Eleven cents per book?"

Yep. Click here to buy at Amazon.  Enjoy! (Other ebook retailers soon.)

Three of my books are in it, including the NEW, REVISED AND BETTER THAN BEFORE version of Midnight in Legend, TN!

Ahem. Pardon my enthusiasm.



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy birthday to me! Today I was having a little early birthday celebration, and in my email came notice that The Holly and the Ivy was out. Yeehaw, but I love release day.

And I love this cover.

And I really love surprises--the happy kind.

If you didn't get a chance to read this novella in its previous form, take a chance on it now. (It's better than before.)

Jeannie Adams has a pain in her neck, and its name is Eli McClain. The school board is honoring him at a big community dinner, and Eli has done nothing to deserve all the fanfare. Nothing, that is, except leave their hometown of Legend, Tennessee right after high school, and become a nationally known singer. Why make a big deal over somebody who walked out on everything that’s important?

For Eli, Christmas in Legend is a way to placate the family he left years ago, and impress the very impressionable people of Legend. As far as they’ll know, Eli has everything. But at twenty-five years old, he’s feeling burned out with fame and fortune, and doesn’t understand why life is so hollow.

All through school, Eli and Jeannie were the bane of each other’s existence. Yet the fleeting kiss he left her with right after graduation has never quite faded for either of them. Like a lost pair of warm winter gloves, their happiness will be in the last place they look for it. Back home in Legend, and just in time for Christmas.

***** a review if you can. :)


Friday, October 4, 2013

Small town charm

I don't know about you, but I needed a new picture here on the blog. Here is a cute house. There's definite small town charm, yes? Even though I love being a renter and living in my very small space, I often see houses that I catch my interest and imagination. Someone(s) seem(s) to love this one(two).

It reminds me of a story I didn't quite finish several years ago, set in Columbus, Indiana. The hero and heroine were next door neighbors.

I have finished Midnight's rewrite, and am so happy with the improved version! I'll let you know when it's up and available for sale. I think that if you own the current Kindle version, you will get a  notification of the new version's availability.

The Holly and the Ivy will be out sometime in the next few weeks, too. Legend, Tennessee is a busy place these days.

And I started writing something new last weekend. More about that later...

Happy Friday!