Monday, November 25, 2013

Legendary Christmas Past

A Legendary Christmas Past Boxed Set is out and available for your holiday reading pleasure. Two 1940s era novellas by Janet Eaves, two 1960s era novellas by Jan Scarbrough, and two 1970s era novellas by yours truly.

For a limited time, the set is only 99 cents. I bought my copy as soon as I saw it. Cannot get enough of this cover. Or, for that matter, the cover of the 9-book boxed set, or pretty much all of my book covers. I don't know if there is a recovery group for people who are in love with their book covers or not.

Oops. There I go, digressing again.

I had so much fun researching the 1970s for my two stories. Not that the 70s were before my time, of course. Sheesh. I was in school back then, and it was neat to choose the songs to play on the juke box in Jim Bob's Saloon, for instance.

For those of you who have read Midnight in Legend, TN, Jim Bob's Saloon is the building that Midnight Shelby bought when she moved to Legend. Isn't that cool? You'll see the place in its former incarnation, and meet Jim Bob, his wife Sylvie, and their spoiled daughter who is a waitress there... Better yet, here is the book blurb for Under the Mistletoe:

Christmas Season, 1975

Dorothy Robbins is working hard to build up her Leaving Legend Fund. She wants to finish college, become a pharmacist, and never see her boring little hometown again. But her source of income is a meager hourly wage and tips at Jim Bob’s Saloon, where the only thing worse than the tips are the songs on the jukebox.

Charles McClain has been gone from Legend for years—first serving in Vietnam as a Marine, then finishing college and getting a job in Los Angeles. But his new life hit a snag, and suddenly he has time for a long holiday visit with his family, back in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Too bad there’s nothing interesting going on in Legend.

But it’s Christmas... The air is cold, hearts are warm, and mistletoe is overhead when you least expect it. Besides, sometimes the path that leads you away can also bring you home.



Thank you for reading!

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