Monday, December 2, 2013

Road block, revisited

It's highly unlikely that anyone remembers this, but eons ago I wrote a post about the giant road block I placed squarely in my path to success as an author. It's so interesting to me that I wrote the post in October 2008, and the flasher on the road block sign is still flashing.

Seriously. Click on this link and take a look. It is so daggone cute.

Anyway, approximately five years after I wrote that post, I did something positive about the road block. I joined up with a bunch of other authors of sweet (G/PG) romance. A website/blog exists now, where readers can learn about new releases and the various authors. There's even a book cover carousel with one cover for each of us. Go here to check out the Sweet Romance Reads website. If you sit there long enough (like I've done, um, a few times) you'll see my cover for Under the Mistletoe. Whee!

This Thursday, December 5, twelve of us are hosting an all-day Facebook party. We'll share Christmas book covers and excerpts, have Christmas-theme games, and give away lots of prizes. Books are among the prizes, but other things too. The grand prize is a $100 Amazon gift certificate. So if you're on Facebook and like sweet romance, check it out. Click here to check out the party.

I hope you can be there and meet some of my new friends.


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