Monday, January 27, 2014


As the cold weather and snow persist, Attila and I have spent quite a lot of time together. He's more needy than before, missing Spot and not understanding why there is only me in the Jewel Box with him. I think he naps a lot while I'm at work, which is likely a good thing. Otherwise I bet the neighbors could hear him crying.

We play together more than before, and the apartment looks as much his as mine these days, with extra toys and cardboard boxes (a/k/a cat forts) strewn around. I bought him some puzzle feeders, so he gets to "hunt" his food.

All of these changes seem silly unless you're us, I imagine. We're experiencing a different chapter of life. I've been through many more adjustments than he has, many more losses, because I'm so much older. I know he doesn't understand, and likely feels unsettled. I can't reassure him except to be here and pay attention to him, and include him in what I'm doing (except for cooking. I draw a line at that).

And I can't really say that just because I'm human, that I understand, or feel any less unsettled when life kicks me.

Attila never had what I would call a sunny disposition, but since we lost Spot, he has been even more serious. This picture was taken when he was in the top of his cat tree, where he spends more time than he used to. He likely feels safer up there.

When I stretch out on the chaise with the laptop and a stadium blanket, Attila is generally there soon, to lay on my leg. We've been making progress on the new Legend story, and even though he doesn't know it, that is good for both of us.


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