Monday, January 13, 2014

Cold weather blessings

We were snowed, iced and wind-chilled in quite a bit last week. I think snow is beautiful, and now that I don't have steps or a garage or sidewalks to shovel, it's even easier to love. Ice is more difficult to enjoy, and I worry about falling. When you live in a second story apartment with 20 steps and have a dog and cat depending on you, falling and getting hurt are not an option. That, plus the below zero wind chill, kept Spot and me very close to home when it was time for him to go out.

In order to keep some of the cold from blowing into the Jewel Box, Styrofoam board insulation was installed in part of our beloved windows. I had to leave enough open window space so that Attila could look out...and, well, I had to leave even more open window space so that I could look out. I am a teensy bit claustrophobic.

So, due to the weather, the three of us had to adjust to our changed routines and alteration of our living space. One thing I did to soften the loss of view for me was to begin a collaging project on the Styrofoam. It was an enjoyable and soothing experience to sip tea and cut words and photos out of magazines while the bitter wind blew outside. So far, Attila hasn't ripped them off the board.

Examples: Simmer Down. Fresh Start. Create Memories. Comfort. Small Order. JULY. Among the photos I cut out was a full-page ad for Tennessee vacations, because the photo looked just like a street parade in our little fictional town of Legend.

When I try, even just a little bit, it is so easy to find blessings. I'm trying to teach that by example to Spot and Attila. I must admit that with the cat, results are mixed.


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