Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Valentine's Day Blog (not really)

Since I missed my self-imposed Day of the Week to Blog (Monday), on Wednesday night I wondered what I should blather about. Valentine's Day seems the obvious choice. It's two days away, I write romance, why wouldn't I write about it? Wow! What a concept!

So I went looking for clip art. And looky what I found! I dearly love this picture.

It makes me think of when I used it several years ago for the book video I created to advertise The Blank Book. It's the only video I ever made, and I thought it came out pretty well.

Not that people ever saw it. I just popped over there and a whopping 342 people have viewed it. I wonder how many were actually me. If you're interested, click on this link and be amazed. (Or, you know, tolerate it. It's short, and the music is only somewhat repetetive. PLUS you get to see how skilfully I used this particular piece of clip art.) I hope to rework The Blank Book and publish it again later this year.

So, now I'm thinking about Alice and Robert's story again, and how much I love it. *Sigh*

Happy Valentine's Day!

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