Monday, March 10, 2014

Second Chances

Here is the beautiful cover for the story I've been working on.

I knew what Anne McClain Bradley looked like, but I wasn't sure about Pete Garrity. Having found him in a sea of stock images, and having his smiling face on this book cover, has made it easier to get to know him. Turns out Pete likes to run for exercise, for one thing. I didn't realize that until I looked into his eyes.

I'm in love with the couple, with the cover, and with the title and premise of this book. We all need a second chance occasionally, don't we? All kinds of things can happen that, if we didn't have the possibility of a second chance, it would be painfully difficult even to get up in the morning. Both Pete and Anne have endured loss. They've had emotional pain of different sorts, and dealt with it in different ways.

And they both have some letting go to do, before they can go on.

Which makes this book one of the most true to life I've written in recent years. My novellas, being short, have had simpler subject matter. This one is bigger, and I hope it will be as good or better than my other Legend stories.

It matters to me that Pete and Anne's story is told realistically and honorably, because there is a tiny bit of my own life lesson in it. Likely there's something you will relate to as well.

The way we meet and deal with hardship will color the rest of our lives. It can make us angry and bitter, or humble and grateful for each small blessing. We can be broken, or become stronger. Or we can overcome the brokenness, and become stronger yet.

Second chances. Sometimes the hard part is believing they even exist.



  1. This looks very intriguing. I agree the book cover looks beautiful. Look forward to reading.

  2. Thank you, Katrina. I appreciate you stopping by.