Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I've been working on a different story the last week. (I know--shame on me for not finishing Second Chances before hopping to this other one. There's a good reason for the switch, though. At least, maybe there's a good reason. If it does turn out to be a good reason, I'll let you know. Otherwise we'll pretend this little conversation never happened, okay?)

I still need to finish Second Chances ASAP, and as of today I'm back on it.

The day job is gearing up for our super busy time, so I'll be more stressed than usual (which is saying something) there, and doing some extra hours too.

I'm trying to exercise and eat healthier. Exercising means taking long walks, and eating healthier means cooking instead of eating out often. So there's more time required. (Unless I learn to eat everything raw, which, though probably a good idea, I'm not quite ready for.)

One concern about my health is that I don't sleep enough. Compounding that, Daylight Savings Time throws my body clock off by an hour. Spring Forward? I feel like falling on my face instead, as if each night DST has stolen an hour of sleep. I won't take drugs, and I know exercise and correct diet factor into a restful sleep. But also it's important not to stay up late. So I've shortened my average day by going to bed half an hour earlier.

I also try to spend some time with friends, get out and away and have fun.

When I'm doing all these things, I'm not paying attention to Attila, and when I play with him too little, he gets even more feisty. He hasn't started eating toilet paper again, but it's been a near thing.

Life is so precious. I want to spend whatever time I have doing the right things. Just as life can take sudden turns, I try to be flexible so that if something of great importance comes up, I can drop what I'm doing and switch gears.

Which is why sometimes on the busiest day of the week, Attila and I will spend a little while rolling the Eye Ball around on the floor.

Aaaaaah. That's better.

How do you chill out after a stressful day?


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