Monday, April 14, 2014

Attila and Mags: Two years of Minimalism

Attila and I recently passed our second anniversary of living in the Jewel Box. I thought it might be interesting and instructive (to me at least) to reflect on how minimalism has worked for us.

Furniture. We put an old chair by the side of the road, bought a couch, and a year later, gave it away. Gave away an heirloom rocker, got it back, gave it away again. I still don't have the perfect writing chair.

This has worked out okay for both of us, though Attila liked to wipe all loose hair on the old chair, which is the biggest reason it landed by the side of the road. Picture above is him on the chair. He also liked to dash across the couch while chasing a toy, and I enjoyed flopping onto it  (the couch, not the toy) at the end of the day. But now that the floor is mostly bare, it's easier for me to clean, so Attila doesn't have to run the sweeper while I'm at work.

Kitchen. I still don't have a microwave, and am so happy without one. The toaster I gave away came back several months later, and I've enjoyed being able to make toast again. I made the decision to purchase dishes just prior to our first Christmas, so I could serve dinner to company on real dishes instead of paper or styrofoam. We moved here with four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four bowls. Now I have twelve of each, and sometimes I wish I hadn't bought the new ones. Cabinet space is very limited, which is why I'm this obsessive.

This has worked out okay for both of us, except, as an aside, Attila has learned how to open cabinet drawers. And he really doesn't like people, so I'm sure he'd prefer I not entertain, ever.
 Okay, this hasn't worked out well for Attila.       FYI--He has his own dishes.

Closet. I have too many clothes. I already had borderline too many, and somehow I now have more.

This has not worked out well. The closet is too full of clothes, and now that I have more to wear, it takes longer to get ready in the morning. I'm trying to figure out how to blame the cat.

Life. I write more often, and am becoming more comfortable with doing promo. In fits and starts, I exercise and eat healthier. I sleep better because I have fewer things to worry about. My free time feels more free. As someone said recently, my smile is back.

Believe me, Attila benefits when I sleep well and am in a better mood. But he doesn't understand why I want to write when I could be playing fetch with a toy mouse. 

I wouldn't wish on anybody the reason that brought us to minimalism. But we're here, and making the very best we can of what we have. And feeling grateful. (Me. Not the cat.)


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