Tuesday, April 8, 2014

From exhausted to blissful

What a week!

Last night, I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. Then it occurred to me: This is just--Monday Night?!?As in, four more days of the day job. Of course it didn't help that I was there for ten hours.

This is mega busy season at the day job, and it will likely be pretty tiring for at least the next month.

So just when I was starting to eat healthier and exercise a bit more, I'm back to eating out even at lunch time. Cannot care enough to make a list and hit the grocery. Attila is lucky there's plenty of cat food in the fridge, and I'm lucky there are plenty of good restaurants within walking distance. Right. We are not suffering. And we are eating hummus on spinach tortillas part of the time, but not as often.

And yes, I keep the cat food in the fridge. That is a long but incredibly interesting story. (Or not.)

Tonight I'm less exhausted, and more exhilarated. It was a slightly less mentally challenging day, I managed to do something semi-techy, and (I think) have come up with an idea that will at least slightly increase our efficiency. (I work with a group that is very efficient, so an improvement would be kind of a big deal.)

PLUS. I'm getting travel plans lined up for the summer, have set up a pre-birthday lunch date with The Progeny, and am putting together a dinner with friends on Easter Sunday.

To top it all off, this evening I took down the styrofoam boards that kept us from freezing this winter. We can now see out of all of our windows again. Wow.

So I'm settled in to write a bit, Attila is chirping at the birds, and we're both feeling very fortunate. Again, the simple pleasures are so often the best ones, aren't they?


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