Monday, April 21, 2014

Minimalism, as it relates to my jeans

In last week's reflection on our two years of minimalism, I mentioned that the closet is in bad shape, and that I have more clothes than I did when we moved here. For the most part, I have a lot of clothes because I have stayed near the same size most of my adult life.

Kind of.

A glaring exception is my jeans. I'm talking old-fashioned blue jeans that are 100% cotton. Dresses, skirts and shirts are more forgiving than jeans. Even my dress pants have a little bit of stretch. A friend warned me years ago not to get into the habit of wearing sweat pants to be comfortable, because sweats make it easier to ignore the truth.

And the truth is, my jeans don't fit. Boy, is this irritating! I've let it sneak up on me, and especially in the last two years I've done the wrong things. Eating more than exercising, mainly. I know better, but for some daggone reason, knowing better doesn't help me get shoehorned into my favorite jeans.

The stack on the right contains the two pairs I can currently zip.

The stack on the left contains the ones I want to be able to zip. The ones underneath the red marker are the next size smaller from where I  am now, and the jeans above the red marker are even smaller. When I moved here two years ago, I could wear the ones at the base of that big stack, but not the ones above. (Which is why they're so wrinkled. Been packed in a box for a while.)

Unrealistic goal? I don't think so. I'm fortunate to be healthy enough to exercise, and I'm smart enough to know some of the basics of why the added weight is here. I'm also desperate enough to join Curves® instead of doing this all by myself. I'm giving Curves® a month-long  trial, starting today. Besides wanting to fit into those jeans, I know I need to do strength training, and I won't do it on my own. Pretending that I would do it has gotten me into Stack 2, and even Stack 2 has been snug for the last couple of months.

One of the many things we don't have anymore is a bathroom scale, so I won't be weighing myself here. My gauge of results will be how many pairs of jeans get moved into Stack 2.

I'll post again about it eventually, but will try not to belabor the topic. As I move toward writing fulltime, I know it will be even more important to exercise.

(This picture is also for those of you who enjoy looking at my countertop. Both of you.)


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