Monday, April 28, 2014

Return to Legend with Janet Eaves

There's a new Ladies of Legend book available at an ebook retailer near you, written by my friend Janet Eaves. Crosroads is the first of four novellas coming out this year, one written by each of the Legend authors. Jan Scarbrough's comes out next, then mine, then Maddie James's. We're calling these four stories Return to Legend. It's a return for the four authors, who haven't written new Legend stories in a while. And it's a return for readers who may have read Legend for the first time years ago, or maybe just discovered it when Love in a Small Town was on its way to bestseller status.

It's also a return to Legend for some of the characters. For instance, the heroine in Crossroads was originally mentioned as a teenager in Janet's very first Legend story, Claiming the Legend. Here is the blurb for Crossroads
There is no way anyone could have ever convinced Sharon Clark she’d one day return to Legend, Tennessee. 

With her mother playing the leading role of town slut when she was growing up, with the townspeople either pitying her or looking down their noses at her all her young life, with the child she’d carried and hidden from the town’s prying eyes and expected condemnation all those years ago, going back now is just not an option… 

But desperation has a way of changing everything…. 
Get yours now, by clicking the cover above.

Happy reading, and Welcome back to Legend, Tennessee, where romance lives next door.



  1. Thanks, Mags! I can't wait for yours, and Maddie's, and Jan's to come out as well! :)

    Legend is alive, and well!

  2. You're welcome, Janet. It feels great to have Legend bustling again. What a delightful [imaginary] town. :)