Monday, May 12, 2014

A whole bunch of McClains

One fun thing I did this weekend was look for a picture to be used on the cover of an upcoming book. Let me be clear that I am not a cover artist. But it can be useful for an author to submit descriptive ideas or even pictures to be used on his or her book cover. I'm fortunate that my publisher allows this kind of input.

The couple on the cover of Where Her Heart Is look so much like the way I imagine Betsy and Mike McClain. My other cover couples are at least in the ballpark. And as we discussed not long ago, when I found the image for the cover of Second Chances, I finally knew what Pete Garrity looked like.

This weekend's image hunt was more complicated. The book will contain Midnight in Legend, TN, Where Her Heart Is, and Building a Dream. That's six couples, but there are also lots of McClains walking in and out of all the stories. So I thought--hey--why not put a whole bunch of McClains on the cover? (Yes, that would be me, complicating the situation.) I write sweet romance, but when you read all my stories together, it's kind of like women's fiction. Three generations of McClains will be in this set.

Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of three generations of an imaginary family? And it's even more difficult when you have a picture of the imaginary family in your head.

And I hadn't realized how cluttered the cover might look if I had, in fact, found a picture of a whole bunch of McClains.

(FYI, the clipart family above, though nice, isn't McClainish at all. Not enough dark hair)

I'm so pleased to unveil this lovely cover. I think it's a nice compromise, and has the right tone for the three-story collection. Thank you, Turquoise Morning Press!