Monday, June 23, 2014

Garden tour

This past weekend, my friend Maddie James and I attended a garden tour in a particularly exquisite section of Louisville, Kentucky. The homes in that area of Old Louisville are imposing--large and stately--and beautifully kept. The gardens were amazing, well planned and beautifully maintained. I'm sure I oohed and aaahed as much as anybody, and I appreciate the willingness of the owners to allow us into their gardens. At one place, the owners had cookies and lemonade on the porch, and invited anyone to join them! I'm so very glad we attended the event, and I'd love to spend more time in that area. I'd also love to use it as a setting for a story. (The image above is Microsoft clipart. I didn't take any photos on the tour.)

I live a simple life in a small apartment with a window on the world. I don't anticipate wanting a large house and garden again. But it was a delightful break from reality to experience an afternoon of opulence. I got a look at a different kind of life, and imagined what it might be like to be a part of it.

That's something we get from our favorite novels, isn't it? A chance to peek at life from a different angle, an opportunity to experience the world as someone else. And then, when we reach the end of the book, we may feel refreshed and ready to deal with whatever comes at us in real life.

Happy reading--and happy gardening!


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