Monday, June 30, 2014

Mmmm. Fresh!

Just so no one gets the idea that I'm this artistic, the picture above is courtesy of Microsoft clipart. Cute, huh?

I just wanted to take a minute to celebrate garden produce. I love our local farmers' market, and am so thankful it exists. Those of us who live in apartments, or who for other reasons are not gardeners, are able to have actual fresh (not grocery store "fresh") fruits and vegetables, eggs from chickens that have a life, and many other yummy treats.

I eat more veggies and fruits than I used to, and less meat. The other day at the grocery (yes, I still go there) I bought some meatless burgers, and was delighted with the taste. I do splurge and fix a salmon fillet once or twice a week, but I think my days of buying bologna and hot dogs and sausage are in the past.

And I've started drinking my lunch. You know--smoothies! I'm taking it slow on smoothie recipe adoption, sticking with yogurt and milk and fruit. I haven't made a vegetable smoothie yet, but it might be great.

Any suggestions?


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